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Table 1 List of the 9 selected articles and dates of publication

From: Measles outbreaks in displaced populations: a review of transmission, morbidity and mortality associated factors

Nb Titles of selected articles Year of Publication
1 Cambodian disaster relief: refugee camp medical care[37] 1982
2 Epidemiological assessment of health and nutrition of Ethiopian refugees in emergency camps in Sudan 1985[20] 1987
3 Measles outbreaks in the Mozambican refugee camps in Malawi: the continued need for an effective vaccine[7] 1990
4 Measles in Vietnamese refugee children in Hong Kong [8] 1999
5 An outbreak of measles in Tanzanian refugee camps [11] 2003
6 Measles mortality among Afghan refugees' children [4] 2002
7 Retrospective measles outbreak investigation: Sudan, 2004[56] 2006
8 Emergency measles control activities-Darfur, Sudan, 2004[47] 2004
9 Measles transmission following the tsunami in a population with high one-dose vaccination coverage, Tamil Nadu, India[3] 2006