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Table 1 Various products and processes being developed in Rwandan institutions

From: Science-based health innovation in Rwanda: unlocking the potential of a late bloomer

Product General Area Organization Description
Traditional herbal medicines
-Gifurina-Datura stramonium
-Bentakor-P. Lanceolata
-Tembatembe A-N.Mitis.
Oral disinfectant
IRST Whole plant extracts. Adoption of existing practices by traditional healers and carry out safety and efficacy tests
Essential oils-Geranium Cosmetics / Dermatology IKIREZI Natural products Extraction of essential oils from geranium plant
Intravenous fluids and water for injection   Laborphor For use in hospitals, since transport costs for this bulky product are high
Pyrethrum treated long lasting mosquito nets Malaria Utexrwa Concept under development with researchers from Canada
Health information technology software Health IT TRAC Developing software for integrating health information, in partnership with Voxiva.