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Table 1 Chronology of major health system definitions, frameworks and concepts

From: An approach to addressing governance from a health system framework perspective

Conceptualisation Main governance aspects Reference
Health System Performance First emphasis on stewardship as a health system function [52]
Essential Public Health Functions Strengthening public health regulation and enforcement capacity as one of the eleven essential public health function [53]
Control Knobs Regulation as one of the health system control knobs to improve performance [54]
Strengthening Health Systems Strengthening health system capacity by focusing on stewardship and regulation [55]
Health System Building blocks Articulation of governance as one of the six major building blocks of the health system, and rephrasing stewardship into governance [20]
Health Systems Dynamics Identifying stewardship and organizational arrangements as one of the four levers available to policy makers to achieve objectives and goals [56]
Maximizing positive synergies Ensuring that governance along with the other six functions of a health system are driven by people to promote equity [23]
Systems thinking for Health Systems Strengthening Links system thinking to health system building blocks, and conceptualizes governance across the building blocks. [25]
Monitoring Building Blocks of the Health System Proposes indicators for monitoring governance and the other building blocks of the health system [43]