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Table 1 National immunization schedule in Sri Lanka at the time of the study

From: Was there a disparity in age appropriate infant immunization uptake in the theatre of war in the North of Sri Lanka at the height of the hostilities?: a cross-sectional study in resettled areas in the Kilinochchi district

Age Vaccine Remarks
Preferably within 24 hours of birth BCG Vaccination may be given before leaving the hospital or during the first contact with the health services
If the scar is not present, child may be re-vaccinated after 6 months, up to 5 years of age
On completion of two months Pentavalent vaccine (DTP- Hepatitis B-Hib ) 1st dose and Oral Polio Vaccine 1st dose  
On completion of four months Pentavalent vaccine ( DTP- Hepatitis B-Hib ) 2nd dose and Oral Polio Vaccine 2nd dose  
On completion of six months Pentavalent vaccine ( DTP- Hepatitis B-Hib ) 3rd dose and Oral Polio Vaccine 3rd dose  
On completion of 9 months Measles containing vaccine 1st dose in the form of Measles vaccine ***  
On completion of one year Live attenuated Japanese Encephalitis vaccine - SA 14-14-2 +++ A single dose is administered
On completion of 18 months DTP 4th dose and Oral Polio vaccine 4th dose DTP 4th dose is given in the form of the triple vaccine instead of the pentavalent vaccine
On completion of 3 years Measles containing vaccine 2nd dose in the form of Measles-Rubella (MR)vaccine ***  
On completion of five years DT and Oral Polio vaccine 5th dose Given at the school entry
At 12 years aTd ( adult Tetanus diphtheria) Given in the school immunization programme
1st pregnancy Tetanus Toxoid -1st dose First dose after 12 weeks of pregnancy and the second dose 6–8 weeks after the first dose
Tetanus Toxoid – 2nd dose
2nd pregnancy Tetatnus Toxoid -3rd dose After 12 weeks of pregnancy
3rd pregnancy Tetanus Toxoid -4th dose After 12 weeks of pregnancy
4th pregnancy Tetanus Toxoid -5th dose After 12 weeks of pregnancy
1st pregnancy Teatnus Toxoid – a booster dose A booster dose is given if a written evidence of immunization with Tetanus Toxoid containing vaccines according to the National Immunization Schedule is available
Other pregnancies Tetanus Toxoid –booster dose If there is a gap of 10 years and more since the last administration of Tetanus Toxoid containing vaccines , a booster is given
*** In the current schedule adopted on 01.10.2011, Measles containing vaccine 1st and 2nd doses have been replaced by Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) combined vaccine.
+++ In the current schedule Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is administered on completion of 9 months of life while MMR -1st dose is given on completion of one year of life.