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Table 1 Sample questions from the interview guide for national policy makers

From: Barriers to the participation of people with psychosocial disability in mental health policy development in South Africa: a qualitative study of perspectives of policy makers, professionals, religious leaders and academics

1. What are the main development priorities in this country?
2. What economic, political and social factors do you think affect health care delivery in this country?
3. What are the key challenges that face the health system?
4. How does the general public in this country view mental illness? Have their views changed over time?
5. How important is mental health for this government compared to other health conditions? Why is that?
6. How significant do you feel other sectors’ policies and programmes are for mental health?
7. How well do the mental health policies and laws address the needs of people living in poverty? How can the situation be improved?
8. Do you know of any NGOs, community groups or patient groups who focus primarily on mental health? Are they involved in developing mental health laws and policies in this country? How can this be improved?
9. Should mental health care users be consulted in the development of mental health laws and policy? If yes, how should they be brought on board? (Probe if necessary: government, NPOs, own organisations.) In which way should they be involved?
10. What are the most important reasons why mental health laws and policies are not implemented effectively? What can we do to overcome these problems?
11. Are there any other comments you would like to make about the mental health policies in your country, and in particular, the role of different people and organisations in the policy-making process?