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Figure 1

From: Cross-sectional dietary deficiencies among a prison population in Papua New Guinea

Figure 1

Median nutrient intakes of male prisoners and guards as percentages of EARs a . a The following estimated average requirement (EAR) values were used for calculations: total vitamin A, 429 µg; thiamin, 1.0 mg; riboflavin, 1.1 mg; niacin equiv., 12 mg; vitamin B6, 1.1 mg; vitamin B12, 2.0 µg; folate, 320 µg; vitamin C, 38 mg; vitamin E, 7.7 mg; magnesium, 260 mg (recommended nutrient intake); calcium, 830 mg; iron, 8.5 mg; zinc 3.5 mg; (zinc was taken as being highly bioavailable, iron was taken as being 12% bioavailable) [21]; total dietary fibre, 30 g; potassium, 3800 mg (adequate intake) [22]; protein, 40 g (recommended dietary intake) [23].

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