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Table 7 Percent distribution of respondent mothers by recognition of CMC, exposure to home visits of CMC and exposure to mothers meeting

From: Performance and determinants of routine immunization coverage within the context of intensive polio eradication activities in Uttar Pradesh, India: Social Mobilization Network (SM Net) and Core Group Polio Project (CGPP)

Information Percentage*
Percent respondents recognise CMC by designation* 64.8
(Number) a (1779)
Percent respondents recognise CMC by name or designation or any other identity* 96.9
(Number) a (1783)
Percent respondents stated that CMC visited home in the last three months* 94.0
(Number) a (1783)
Percent respondents attended/participated in a mothers’ meeting organised by CMC in the last three months* 30.2
(Number) a (1777)
  1. * Percentages are weighted by population of supervisory areas.
  2. a Number of interviews without missing information.