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Table 2 Factor analysis for the 16 item governance score

From: Measuring governance at health facility level: developing and validation of simple governance tool in Zambia

  Latent factor
  Transparency Regulation & oversight Community participation Intelligence & Vision accountability
The health facilities receive regular external quality check team to ensure that the protocols and standards are followed. .776     
The allocation and utilization of resources are regularly tracked and information on results is available for review by the local communities/stakeholder. .724     
There is a mechanism for correcting those not complying with standards and code of conduct. .654     
The public and concerned stakeholders have the capacity to advocate and participate effectively with the health facility officials in making plans. .617   .   
There are procedures and systems that clients, providers, and concerned stakeholders can use to fight bias and inequity in accessing health service. .610     
Health services are organised and financed in ways that offer incentives to health workers and community health workers to improve performance. .566     
The facility managers ensure that Health workers follow protocols, standards and codes of conduct.   .834    
The health facility collects and analyses local data.   .797    
Local organisations and health service users have influence on what services are offered at the health facility.    .781   
There are forums and procedures that give the public, technical experts, and local communities’ opportunities to provide input.    .768   
The health facility use evidence on program results, patient satisfaction, and other health-related information to improve the services they deliver.    .546   
Health facility managers rely on research data from health facility to plan services.     .827  
The health facility regularly organize forums to solicit input from the public and concerned stakeholders.     .685  
The health facility has protocols for adult, child and maternal health services from the MoH.     .501  
Systems exist for reporting, investigating, and adjudicating misallocation or misuse of resources.      .783
The public/concerned stakeholders have regular opportunities to meet with managers of the health facility to raise issues about service efficiency or quality.      .763
  1. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis. Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization.