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Table 1 Background information about the study villages

From: Improvement in health and empowerment of families as a result of watershed management in a tribal area in India - a qualitative study

Particulars Watershed management village Partial watershed management village No watershed management village
Watershed management Since 10 years Since 02 years No watershed development
No. of households 95 47 52
No. of dug wells 5 3 2
No. of bore wells 0 1 0
School Up to 4th Std. Up to 7th Std. Up to 4th Std.
Major crops Nagali, Rice, Mango and Cashew Nagali, Rice, Mango and Cashew Nagali and Rice
Distance from nearest town (Km) 15 12 18
Distance from Community Hospital (Km) 15 12 18
Distance from PHC (Km) 11 10 18
Distance from PHC Sub-centre (Km) 2 1 5
  1. Nagali- Local cereal crop (Eleusine species), PHC – Primary Healthcare Centre.