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Table 1 Modular presentation of the course schedules

From: Strengthening health workforce capacity through work-based training

Modular schedules M&E CQI Remarks
Module I · Introduction to M&E concepts · Background to CQI Trainees are introduced to the basic concepts pertaining to the track undertaken and to the basic tenets of problem identification & definition
· Designing M&E systems · Seven-step problem solving process
· Logical & results framework · Flow analysis
· Program monitoring
· Evaluation design
· Monitoring and evaluation plan
· Project proposal writing
Module II · Data management · Managing the project Trainees present concept papers on problem areas identified and are supported to develop them into full proposals. Trainees have up to 24 weeks between Module II and Module III to implement their proposed project.
  · Data analysis
Module III · Report writing · Strategic communication Trainees return for the last module and present project progress reports on projects undertaken. Trainees also receive instruction on how to disseminate their final project reports
· Communication · Presentations
  · Presentations