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Table 4 Impact of Bolsa Família on health status summary scores

From: The impact of Brazil’s Bolsa Família conditional cash transfer program on children’s health care utilization and health outcomes

  Children 5-7 years Children 7-17 years
  β (95% CI) p value β (95% CI) p value
Physical health summary score 0.430 (-3.147, 4.007) 0.813 0.524 (-2.038, 3.087) 0.687
Psychosocial health summary score 1.924 (-0.5472, 4.394) 0.126 2.648 (0.720, 4.575) 0.007***
  1. Coefficients of Bolsa Família treatment (β) were estimated while controlling for individual child characteristics (age, gender, race), mother’s characteristics (age, race, literacy, education), and household characteristics (water meter, light meter, closed sewer, total household income, number of household members, other government benefit, employment status of household members). Separate regressions were conducted—one for each outcome and age-group combination. Standard errors are robust and clustered at the household level. *p < 0.10, **p < 0.05, ***p < 0.01.