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Table 2 Summary of main themes

From: Demand and access to mental health services: a qualitative formative study in Nepal

  Factors influencing demand and access Strategies to improve demand and access
Health facility Level - Service availability: lack of senior staff and insufficient trained village health workers - Increasing training and resources
  - Mistreatment within health centers - Building trust in services
   - Protecting family status with increased confidentiality
Community level - Mental health stigma in the wider community - Reducing the mind-body dichotomy in treatment: working with local notions of stigma around medication specifically for the mind.
  - Low mental health awareness across castes, negatively affecting detection and identification. - Awareness-raising: Public vs. private information channels
  - Lack of information about services - Awareness-raising: Trusted and respected figures
  - Conflicting roles of affected families: expected to support access but are in fact barriers.  
  - Cultural norms of visiting traditional healers.  
  - Religious practices (affecting women)