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Table 5 Poisson Regression analysis and logistic regression analysis comparing household characteristics of cash transfer versus non-cash transfer households on key outcomes

From: The government of Kenya cash transfer for orphaned and vulnerable children: cross-sectional comparison of household and individual characteristics of those with and without

  All children have >1 blanket All children have >1 pair of shoes All children have >2 pairs of clothes Household food insecurity score
(yes vs. no) (yes vs. no)
    (yes vs. no)  
Cash transfer vs. non-cash transfer  
Unadjusted odds Ratios (95% confidence intervals) 0.91 (0.51-1.61) 1.20 (0.62-2.32) 0.30 (0.15-0.59) -0.03 (-0.09, 0.04)
Adjusted* odds ratios 0.89 (0.49-1.60) 0.89 (0.49-1.60) 0.32 (0.16-0.63) -0.01 (-0.08, 0.05)
(95% confidence intervals)     
  1. *Adjusted for age and sex of guardians and type of location (Peri-urban vs. Rural) for household food insecurity and essential material possessions.