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Table 2 Data collected and source of information and investigators involved for phases 1 and 2. Aboriginal birth cohort study

From: An Australian Aboriginal birth cohort: a unique resource for a life course study of an Indigenous population. A study protocol

Time interval Data collected Source of information and investigator responsible
1987–1990 Date of birth Medical records a
  Sex Physical examination a
  Birth weight, length Medical records a
  Head circumference Physical examination a
  Gestational age [25] Physical examination a
  Placental weight Medical records a
1998–2001 Anthropometric and nutritional  
  Date of assessment  
  Height Portable stadiometer b
  Weight Tannita model TBF 521 b
  Head, mid upper arm, waist circumferences [29] Physical examination b
  Sub scapular and triceps skin folds [29] Harpenden calipers b
  Puberty grade [30, 31] Physical Examination e
  Respiratory function [32] Vitalograph 2120 spirometer c
  Respiratory symptoms and signs Physical examination c
  Hospital admissions with respiratory diagnosis Medical records c
  Renal ultrasound [33] Ultrasonography c
  Random urinary albumen creatinine ratio Beckman image h
  Random urinalysis Urinary dipstick f
  Metabolic and cardiovascular  
  Liver ultrasound Ultrasonography c
  Fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, HDL-C, LDL-C, triglycerides Hitachi 917 Autoanalyser, Roche reagents h
  Apolipoprotein A-1, Apolipoprotein B, lipoprotein(a) BN2-Behrring g
  Fasting plasma insulin Immunoassay, AIA-PACK g
  Red blood cell folate BayerAC 180, Bayer reagents h
  Blood pressure Welch Allyn Lifesigns monitorf
  Haematological and infection  
  Full blood count Coulter Max M h
  Impetigo, scabies, ear discharge, nasal discharge Physical examination e
  Individual, Household items Child/carer interview f
  Community items [34, 35] Data base examination j
1987–2001 Longitudinal growth data  
  Weight, length, head circumference Health records f Examination i
  1. a Neonatal paediatrician SS. b Nutritional epidemiologist DM. c Paediatrician IB. d Paediatrician GS. e All team paediatricians. f All team members. g Perth laboratory. h Darwin laboratory. i Aboriginal research assistant. j Team biostatistician AR