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Table 1 WHO standardized NDP indicators

From: Monitoring of National Drug Policy (NDP) and its standardized indicators; conformity to decisions of the national drug selecting committee in Iran

Background information
Population data
Economic data
Health status data
Health system data
Human resources
Drug sector organization
Structural and process indicators (quantitative and qualitative)
Legislation and regulation
Essential drugs selection and drug registration
Drug allocation in the health budget/public sector financing policy
Public sector procurement procedures
Public sector distribution and logistics
Pricing policy
Information and continuing education on drug use
Outcome indicators
Availability of essential drugs
Accessibility of essential drugs
Quality of drugs
Rational use of drugs
  1. Reference: Brudon–Jakobowicz P, Rainhorn JD, Reich MR: Indicators for monitoring national drug policies, a practical manual 2 nd ed. Geneva: World Health Organization; 1999.