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Table 2 Background information about the demographic, economic, health and pharmaceutical contexts in 2002

From: Monitoring of National Drug Policy (NDP) and its standardized indicators; conformity to decisions of the national drug selecting committee in Iran

Demographic data
Total population 66480000
Average annual growth of the population 1.5%
Rate of urbanization 65%
Life Expectancy 69 years
GNP per capita 1750 $US
Average annual rate of inflation 15.8%
Infant mortality rate 32.1/100000
Maternal mortality rate 37/100000
Pharmaceutical related data
Total number of prescribers 92548
Total number of pharmacists 10334
Total health budget 12000 billions Rials (1.5 billions $US)
Total health expenditure 7596 billions Rials (0.9 billions $US)
Total drug expenditure 5684 billion Rials (0.7 billions $US)
Total number of drugs in national drug list 1516
Total number of drugs under generic name sold in the country 1288
Total value of local production (numbers) 96.1% (19.55 billions/20.348 billions)
Total value of drug imports (numbers) 3.9% (797.41 millions/20.348 billions)
Total number of drug manufacturing units in the country 57
Total number of wholesalers in the country 132
Total number of private pharmacies in the country 6100
Total number of private pharmacies in the three major urban areas 1534
  1. 8000 Rials≈ 1 $US