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Table 1 Multiphase tracing protocol: Aboriginal Birth Cohort Study 2006-2008

From: Australian Aboriginal Birth Cohort study: follow-up processes at 20 years

Phase Urban Target rural community
1 Phone call and/or letter to last known address List of names from community and wider area shown to key community people with request for follow-up information
2 Urban list reviewed face to face with local Aboriginal workers
and lists compared with online phone directory, computerized
electoral roll and local school rolls.
Local community workers, friends, family members other cohort participants shown list when research team visited
  Remaining names checked with urban Aboriginal communities
and dedicated Aboriginal urban services
3 Remaining names checked with hostels, churches, sporting clubs, corrective services Remaining names shown again to key people
4 Each research team member given three untraced participants to check all avenues till no further leads found