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Table 2 Data collection and source of information: Aboriginal Birth Cohort Study 2006-2008

From: Australian Aboriginal Birth Cohort study: follow-up processes at 20 years

Data collected Source of information
(method and instrument for blood tests)
Anthropometric and nutritional  
Date of assessment  
Height Portable stadiometer
Weight Tanita model TBF 521
Head, mid upper arm, waist hip circumferences Tape measure
Serum folate Immunoassay, Roche 170
Fe, transferrin, ferritin Immuno-turbidimetric, Roche Modular
Renal size and morphology Ultrasonography
Random urinary albumin Immuno-nephelometric, Beckman Immage
Random urinary creatinine Jaffe reaction, Roche Modular
Random urinalysis Urinary dipstick
Metabolic and cardiovascular  
Fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, HDL-C, triglycerides Enzymatic colorimetric, Roche Modular
Apolipoprotein A-1, Apolipoprotein B Immuno-turbidimetric, Roche Hitachi 917
Lipoprotein(a) Immuno-nephelometric, Beckman Immage
Fasting plasma insulin Immunoassay, AbbottAxsym
Haemoglobin A1C HPLC, primus PDQ+
Blood pressure Welch Allyn Lifesigns monitor
Haematological and infection  
Full blood count Coulter Max M
C reactive protein Immuno-turbidimetric Roche Modular
Impetigo, scabies, acanthosis, nigricars and fungal infection Physical examination
Questionnaire Participant
Oral examination Dental examination
Non-invasive cardiovascular assessment  
Carotid intimal thickness measure Portable Sonoheart Elite system and L38 10-5 linear transducer
Heart rate variability ECG
Digital pulse volume Pulse Trace
Iodine status  
Thryoid stimulating hormone Immunoassay Roche E170
Thyroid size and morphology Ultrasonography
Random urinary iodine concentration Colorimetry, Sandell-Kolthoff reaction
Hepatitis B immunization status  
Hepatitis B virus serology Hepatitis B virus surface antigen, Hepatitis B virus core antibody
Emotional well being  
Depression, suicide, anxiety and resilience Participant-"Strong Souls" questionnaire
Cognitive function  
Memory and reaction time test Cogstate-Computer Based Program
Life style  
Age commenced and amount of tobacco and cannabis smoking, alcohol consumption and petrol sniffing
Soft drink consumption and daily exercise
Socio-economic status  
Education, employment, household size and car ownership Participant-Questionnaire
Muscle strength  
Grip strength Dynamometer