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Table 1 Characteristics of qualitative studies in children

From: Barriers to the effective treatment and prevention of malaria in Africa: A systematic review of qualitative studies

Name Year Country Setting Population Primary methods (n) Disease terminology
Mwenesi 1995 Kenya Peri-urban, urban, rural Mothers with ill children
Key informant interviews
Mwenesi 1995 Kenya Urban township, slum, rural People in the community Key informant interviews (60) Malaria, homa, dege
Makemba 1996 Tanzania Rural Traditional healers
Parents who had taken their children to healers
14 interviews
3 focus groups
Degedege, homa ya kawaida
Ahorlu 1997 Ghana Rural Caregivers of children under 10 8 focus groups (1057) Asra, asraku, atridi
Williams 1999 Zambia Rural Mothers of children under 5
Father of children under 5
9 focus groups
7 focus groups
36 in-depth interviews
thupi kuphya, malungo, cilunguzi, malaria, cinthu, cawoka, malaria, yakulu, 'big malaria'
Baume 2000 Zambia Rural and urban Caregivers of children under 5 with recent febrile illness Semi-structured interviews (154) -
Muela 2002 Tanzania Rural and urban Mothers of children under 5 In-depth (81) and follow-up (10) interviews Malaria, homa, homa ya mbu, homa kali, degedege, malaria ya kichwa
Comoro 2003 Tanzania Urban, peri-urban, rural Mothers of sick children under 5, Health workers 10 focus groups (85)
6 focus groups (43)
Homa ya malaria, degedege
Muula 2004 Malawi Peri-urban Primary school pupils aged 12-18 4 focus groups (40) -
Nsungwa-Sabiiti 2004 Uganda Rural Mothers, fathers, grandparents 10 focus groups omutsutsa
Akogun 2005 Nigeria Rural Mothers 6 focus groups zazzabi
Kaona 2005 Zambia Rural Mothers, fathers, grandparents, health care providers, community members 12 focus groups (97), 29 key informant interviews malaria, inzekema, impepo, sinsa, ichinzekema
Falade 2006 Nigeria Urban and rural Mothers, fathers, and caregivers of children under 10 Focus groups Iba, iba lasan
Kamat 2006 Tanzania Rural Mothers/caretakers In-depth interviews (45) Homa ya kawaida, homa kali, homa ya malaria, degedege
Makundi 2006 Tanzania Rural Mothers/caregivers
Traditional healers
2 Focus groups
In-depth interviews
Malaria ya kawaida, malaria kali, degedege
Malik 2006 Sudan Rural Mothers 10 Focus groups -
Montgomery 2006 Tanzania Urban and rural Parents/caretakers of children under 5
Health practitioners
Interviews (79)
Interviews (55)
Beiersmann 2007 Burkina Faso Rural Mothers
Guérisseurs, nurses, traditional birth attendants
17 Focus groups
Semi-structured interviews (17)
Sumaya, dusukun kono
Deressa 2007 Ethiopia Rural Mothers of children under 5
Fathers of children under 5
3 Focus groups
3 Focus groups
  1. * Parents, drug vendors, traditional healers, and community- and facility-based health workers