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Table 2 Elements of leadership that could affect the performance of vaccination teams and services.

From: System-level determinants of immunization coverage disparities among health districts in Burkina Faso: a multiple case study

Qualities most often mentioned by field staff during focus groups were:
(1) Exercising authority:"leadership" authority, personality, charisma, ability "to keep on top of things"
(2) Managing teams: taking care to transmit and share information, listening, holding regular meetings, motivating staff, encouraging staff participation in decision-making
(3) Ability to create a good working environment
(4) Professionalism, voluntarism: able to analyze situations; volunteering; able to innovate and look for new solutions; undertaking new approaches; responding well to unanticipated situations; able to have his decisions recognized at the central and regional levels
(5) Diligence: being always present in the district
(6) Transparency in the management of resources