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Table 1 Characteristics of systematic reviews included in this study.

From: Increasing the demand for childhood vaccination in developing countries: a systematic review

Review Literature search and eligibility criteria Characteristics of studies Population Outcome
Pegurri et al 2004 [3] To Dec 2001/published and grey literature Adequate description of the intervention and either time series or 2 population groups Evaluated Cost or Cost Effectiveness Children <5 y in developing countries % increase in coverage
Batt 2004 [13] Search up to May 2003 Extensive grey literature including interviews with 28 international experts searching large databases, and a comprehensive search and retrieval of information from a large number of organizations e.g.WHO, GAVI, UNICEF Evaluated Cost, Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness Children <5 y in developing countries % increase in vaccine coverage, cost and dollar cost per fully vaccinated child
Haines 2007 [14] Existing published RCTs, Cochrane library, Grey literature sources, references Evaluated impact and cost effectiveness of Community health workers undertaking a range of tasks relevant to child survival goals Children <5 in developing countries % increase in coverage
Ryman 2008 [5] Search up to Dec 2004 Extensive search in public and grey literature and they contacted 31 experts in the field Effectiveness only Routine vaccination in low and middle income countries Change and FVC in children
  1. *Items from the AMSTAR instrument are described in Additional file 1: A measurement tool to assess systematic reviews (AMSTAR).