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Table 2 Anticipated population gains and losses - cases of the condition prevented or caused if all children currently unvaccinated were vaccinateda.

From: Knowledge synthesis of benefits and adverse effects of measles vaccination: the Lasbela balance sheet

Condition Expected gain (number prevented) under original assumptions Expected gain (number prevented) applying efficacy rates from Lasbela baseline surveyb
Diarrhoea 277 per thousand 30 per thousand
Bronchopneumonia 61 per thousand 7 per thousand
Blindness 27 per thousand 3 per thousand
Otitis media 25 per thousand 3 per thousand
Death 14 per thousand 15 per ten thousand
Convulsions 3 per thousand 3 per ten thousand
Post-infectious 4 per ten thousand 5 per hundred thousand
encephalitis 7 per million 7 per ten million
SSPE Losses (original assumptions) Losses after baseline survey
Anaphylaxis 7 per ten million 7 per hundred million
  1. a Sources for all calculations are the same as in Table 1. Differences in gains are due to revised assumptions following the baseline survey.
  2. b Gain = [RDx(PRIxVER)] × 0.361, where RD = Risk difference, PRI = proportion requiring intervention (0.49), and VER = Vaccine efficacy rate (0.415).
  3. The bold-font rows show the conditions for which the data are most applicable to the South Asia region or, at least, developing country conditions - diarrhoea, pneumonia, blindness and death.