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Table 1 Key search terms and combination operators

From: Long-term mental health of war-refugees: a systematic literature review

Key search terms
Refugee: refugee, displaced persons, asylum seeker, stateless person, war survivor, conflict survivor, war victim, exile, OR uprooted person
Mental health: mental health, mental disorders, mental illness, psychiatric symptom, well-being, psychopathology, clinical or psychiatric or psychological outcome, psychiatric morbidity or disability, psychological morbidity or disability, adjustment problem, distress, psychological stress, posttraumatic stress, stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, depressive disorder, traumatic reaction, psychological reactions OR psychiatric reactions
Long-term: chronic, enduring, prolonged, persistent, ongoing, continuing, longitudinal OR durable
Combination operators
Long-term refugee mental health: Refugee (all terms) AND mental health (all terms) AND long-term (all terms)