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Table 1 Legal questionnaire items

From: Legal knowledge, needs, and assistance seeking among HIV positive and negative women in Umlazi, South Africa

Domain Questions
Legal needs/ assistance seeking • Have you ever had a problem with (check all that apply): housing, work discrimination, getting work, getting a residence permit, school discrimination, abusive partner, divorce, maintenance, custody, making a will, healthcare discrimination, obtaining an ID?
• If yes, have you received assistance for this problem? If yes, from whom? If not, why not?
Legal knowledge • Do you think it is against the law for a man to beat his partner?
• If a woman is being beaten by her partner, can (response category) help the woman to stop the beating?
• If a man and a woman have a child together, is it against the law if the man does not give the woman any money or support for the child?
• Is there anything the woman can do to make the man provide child support? What can she do?
• If a woman’s husband passes away, does the law allow her to receive his death benefits?
• If a man and a woman get divorced, is there a law that protects the woman if she wants to keep the child?
• If the male partner wants to take the children away but the female does not consent, how can the female stop him from taking the children?
• Does the law have a say in what happens to people’s possessions after they pass away?
• How can a person use the legal system to help make sure that their possessions go to right people after they pass away?