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Table 6 Substance use among the study participants

From: HIV prevalence, risky behaviors, and discrimination experiences among transgender women in Cambodia: descriptive findings from a national integrated biological and behavioral survey

Variables Number (%)
Drank at least one can of beer or glass of wine in the past 3 months 1042 (75.9)
Frequency of having more than 5 drinks in one day in the past 3 months
 Never more than five drinks 336 (24.4)
 Less than once a month 771 (56.1)
 1–3 times a week 157 (11.4)
 4 or more times a week 111 (8.1)
Ever used illicit drugs in the past 12 months
 Never 1224 (89.0)
 Yes, ATS (Yama, crystal ice, ecstasy) 139 (10.1)
 Other drugs (marijuana, heroin, etc.) 12 (0.9)
Ever injected any illicit drugs in the past 3 months 20 (1.5)
Ever had sex during/after using illicit drugs in the past 3 months 89 (6.5)
  1. Abbreviation: ATS, Amphetamine-type stimulants