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Table 1 Articles of the UNCRPD

From: Effective implementation of the UNCRPD by Thailand State Party: challenges and potential remedies

Articles in General Concepts Articles on Rights of PWD Articles on implementation tools and ratification
1. Purpose
2. Definitions
3. General Principles
4. General Obligations
5. Equality and Non-discrimination
6. Women with disabilities
7. Children with disabilities
8. Awareness raising
9. Accessibility
10. Right to life
11. Situations at risk and humanitarian emergency
12. Equal recognition before the law
13. Access to justice
14. Liberty and security of the person
15. Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
16. Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse
17. Protecting the integrity of the person
18. Liberty of movement and Nationality
19. Living independently and being included in the community
20. Personal mobility
21. Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information
22. Respect for privacy
23. Respect for home and family
24. Education
25. Health
26. Habilitation and rehabilitation
27. Work and employment
28. Adequate standard of living and social protection
29. Participation in political and public life
30. Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport
31. Statistics and data collection
32. International cooperation
33. National implementation and monitoring
34. Committee on the rights of PWD
35. Reports by States Parties
36. Consideration of reports
37. Cooperation between States Parties and the Committee
38. Relationship of the Committee with other bodies
39. Report of the Committee
40. Conference of States Parties
41. Depository
42. Signature
43. Consent to be bound
44. Regional integration organization
45. Entry into force
46. Reservations
47. Amendments
48. Denunciation
49. Accessible format
50. Authentic texts