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Table 1 Socio-demographic profile of counselors interviewed

From: Institutional context and VCT practitioner narratives: possibilities and limitations for HIV prevention in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pseudonyms Sex Undergraduate degree VCT work trajectory (years)
Aline F Nursing technician 11
Bianca F Physical therapist 5
Camila F Pharmacy 7
Danielle F Social service 19
Edna F Social service 1
Francisca F Nursing Technician 0.5
Gabriela F Sociology 20
Helga F Nursing 4
Irma F Psychology 19
Joana F Psychology 8
Kevin M Social Service 7
Luana F Psychology 6
María F Nursing 3
Nino M Nursing 5
Olga F Nursing technician 10
Paola F Nursing 1.5
Quésia F Psychology 0.5
Roberto M Nursing 18
Sandra F Nursing 5
Tatiana F Nursing technician 5