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Table 1 Study participants

From: Examination of the roles and capacities of duty bearers responsible for protecting the human rights to adequate food, nutritional health and wellbeing in Ugandan children’s homes

  Interview guides
In-depth interviews Self-administered questionnaires Customized interviews
Caretakers (five children’s homes) n = 20 n = 26  
State actors (Government and its institutions): n = 9 n = 2  
 Department of Children Affairs
 Local Governments
 Uganda Human Rights Commission
 National Council for Children
Non-State actors (civil society organizations): n = 4 n = 11  
 Uganda Child Rights NGO Network
 UNICEF Uganda
 Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans
 Raising Voices
 ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter
Key informants:    n = 9
 - National Coordinator Coordination Office for the National Child Protection Working Group; Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
 - Assistant Commissioner Department for Human Resource Development, Planning and Quality Control; Naguru Police
 - Program Manager Department for Research, Communication and Advocacy; ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter
 - Student Human Rights Activist; Makerere University
 - Director Human Rights Centre Uganda; United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders. Former Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (1996–2008)
 - Director Reev Consult International; Professor in Social Science Makerere University, World Bank consultant, Managing Consultant on research on poverty reduction
 - Makerere Research Institute
 - Director of Complaints, Investigations and Legal Services; Uganda Human Rights Commission
 - Founder Alternative Care Initiative; Alternative Care Consultant Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development