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Table 1 Themes approached with Mentao camp refugee representatives

From: Critical assessment of refugees’ needs in post-emergency context: the case of Malian war refugees settled in Northern Burkina Faso

Intangibles themes Question items Tangibles themes Question items
Occupation - Daily business of residents - Residents’ former occupation - Job opportunities Camp infrastructures (tents, space, common areas…) - Residents’ opinion on: • Shelter versus family size, intimacy • Life setting • Security
Healthcare - Specific program benefitted (eg.: vaccination) - Benefits of a routine vaccination program - Other programs:  • Curative  • Emergency  • Reproductive  • Specific groups (women, children, elderly) - Physical access (distance, time) and financing mechanism Water and sanitation - Physical accessibility - Perceive quality and quantity supplied
Participation in projects developed for the camp - Role of the committee in food items distribution - Formal existence and regularity of meeting between humanitarian organizations (HOs) & camp representatives committee Food items and cooking - Supply interval of foods items - Itemized list of foods items distributed - Quantity & quality of foods items distributed - Other services provided
Relationship with neighborhood - Within camp neighbor - Within camp culture and people - Camp site neighbor - Existence of conflict resolution mechanism Education & Entertainment - Children education program - Entertainment program
Official (politic, aid agencies) visits -Refugee status proceedings with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Domestic, National & international authorities field visit - HOs field visit