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Table 2 Example of the numerosity of actors with the same expertise per camp

From: Critical assessment of refugees’ needs in post-emergency context: the case of Malian war refugees settled in Northern Burkina Faso

Province (Camp site) Partner
Non-food items
 Kadiogo (Somgandé) Terre des Hommes, Red Cross
 Houet Red Cross
 Sourou (Tougan) Terre des Hommes
 Soum (Djibo, Mentao, Damba) Plan Burkina, Red Cross, UNESCO, Oxfam, Hope 87
 Oudalan (Fererio, Déou, Bibissi, Gandafabou, Gountour Gne Gne) CICR, CRS, Red Cross, OCADES, Caritas, Plan Burkina, Oxfam, Help
 Fererio UNICEF, Terre des Hommes, FDC/A2N, NRC, Croix Rouge
 Gandafabou UNICEF, FDC/A2N, Save The Children (Japan & Canada), NRC, Plan Burkina, Red Cross
 Mentao Plan Burkina, UNICEF
 Damba Plan Burkina, UNICEF
 Ouagadougou UNICEF, TDH, CREDO
 Bobo Dioulasso UNICEF, TDH, CREDO