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Table 3 Comparison of mixture models of torture exposure, social support and PTSD with equality constraints across gender placed on different structural paths within the models

From: Social support attenuates the link between torture exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder among male and female Syrian refugees in Sweden

Model (paths constrained to be equal) BIC Log likelihood S-Bχ2 Δdf p
Reference model (All paths vary) 21,926.904 ˗10819.103
Model 1 (Torture to social support equal) 21,920.738 ˗10819.548 0.810 1  
Model 2 (Social support to PTSD equal) 21,919.870 ˗10819.107 0.008 1 0.927
Model 3(Torture to social support, and social support to PTSD equal) 21,913.670 ˗10819.527 0.824 2 0.662
Model 4 (All paths equal) 21,907.020 ˗10819.723 1.220 3 0.748
  1. Notes: BIC Bayesian Information Criterion, S-Bχ2 Satorra-Bentler scaled Chi-square, Δdf difference in degrees of freedom. Model in bold is selected