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Table 2 FGD and KII participant’s perceptions about community-held attitudes toward HIV research express1ed by plantation FGD and KII participants, August-October 2006

From: “Research participants want to feel they are better off than they were before research was introduced to them”: engaging cameroonian rural plantation populations in HIV research

· Eliminates or reduces people’s fears of dying from AIDS
· Discovers a cure for HIV or a means of preventing one from becoming infected
· Improves drugs to treat HIV/AIDS
· Improves community understanding of HIV
· Removes social threat of HIV diagnosis
· Provides care for HIV infected persons
· Enables the exchange of ideas between researchers and the community
· Has no sustainability (leaves no representative behind to keep people informed)
· Fails to reach people because they are busy working (have no time or are too tired to participate)
· Has no practical value to the community (does not believe that HIV or AIDS exists)
· Uses people solely for experimental purposes (i.e., ‘guinea pigs’)
· Has no means of making HIV testing and antiretroviral drugs available to the community at an affordable cost