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Table 2 An example of the process of analysis

From: Use of traditional medicine for the treatment of diabetes in Eastern Uganda: a qualitative exploration of reasons for choice

Meaning unit Codes Themes
I absconded from hospital medicine and went for herbs. The worst situation is that the herbalist stops you from taking hospital medicine and gives you hope that herbs cure diabetes. (FGD men) Herbalists promise cure to the patients Belief that traditional medicine can cure diabetes
I was told by the herbalists that their medicine could cure diabetes. I started on their treatment and I kept on taking jerry cans and jerry cans and even absconded from clinic days…. (FGD women) Herbalists promise cure for diabetes
You see these people are desperate for their dear lives, so when they hear of a herbalist who heals diabetes completely, they obviously go. (KI health worker) Patients hear of a herbalist who can cure diabetes and they go there for treatment