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Table 1 Classification criteria by six building blocks

From: Contribution of the Japan International Cooperation Agency health-related projects to health system strengthening

Building blocks Contents
Service delivery • Provision of service package
• Strengthening of service delivery system
• Promotion of awareness of service demand
• Public health education targeting
• Capacity development of health volunteers
Health workforce • Strengthening of supply system of health workforce
• Capacity development of health workforce (training, workshops, et cetera)
• Supervision
Information • Production, collection, analysis and use of health related information and data (monitoring and evaluation)
• Development of health educational materials
• Dissemination and advocacy of the results (homepage on web, newsletter, seminar, et cetera)
• Conduct of health research
Medical products, vaccine and technologies • Medical products
• Vaccines
• Appropriate technologies
• Strengthening of logistic supply system
Financing • Prepayment
• Collection of finances
• Pooling of finances
• Purchasing of resources
Leadership and governance • Capacity development for decision making, legislation and regulation
• Capacity development for administration, oversight and guidance
• Strengthening of organizational and institutional management
• Establishment of monitoring and evaluation system
• Establishment of networks