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Table 2 Correlations between the School Cohesion items and School Cohesion factors in a secondary school from central El Salvador (n = 935)

From: Reliability and validity of the Student Perceptions of School Cohesion Scale in a sample of Salvadoran secondary school students

  Supportive School
Students support each other in this school 0.63 0.05 -0.01
Students in my class work together to solve problems 0.64 -0.02 -0.04
People in this school are willing to help each other 0.72 -0.03 0.06
People care about each other in this school 0.55 0.07 0.01
I feel close to people at school 0.16 0.47 0.07
I feel a part of this school -0.04 0.47 0.26
I can count on people in this school when I have a problem 0.12 0.59 -0.01
My teacher cares about the work I do at school -0.06 0.76 -0.09
Teachers at this school are close to the students -0.10 0.03 0.87
Students feel close to the teachers at this school 0.17 -0.08 0.65
  1. *Based on Promax procedure for oblique rotation: pattern matrix