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Table 1 Missed opportunities for vaccination and factors associated with undervaccination in children aged <5 years: Literature search--Americas Region, 1980–2013 (a)

From: Lessons learned from the development of a new methodology to assess missed opportunities for vaccination in Latin America and the Caribbean

Results obtained Medline Other search engines (b) Grey literature (c) Total
Total results 1084 13200 30 14314
“Suggestive” title (d) 178 1597 25 1800
Not related (e) 90 1295 0 1385
Duplicates 9 88 0 97
Not found 30 146 0 176
Not vaccines of the national immunization program 7 18 0 25
Included in the search 42 50 25 117
  1. (a) Descriptors used: missed opportunities for vaccination; vaccination knowledge, attitudes, and practices; vaccination coverage, causes of no vaccination; children younger than 5 years. Search limits: period 1980–2013; studies written or published in Spanish, English, Portuguese, or French.
  2. (b) Artemisa, Lilacs, Bireme, Google Scholar, Redalyc.
  3. (c) The term “grey literature” includes references found in bibliographies of published articles, technical documents and presentations available on Google Scholar, and documents available on PAHO and country websites.
  4. (d) Articles with a “suggestive title” were considered those that might reasonably have been considered to concern missed opportunities for vaccination.
  5. (e) Articles in the “not related” category employed some of the descriptors mentioned. However, these articles were excluded for one or more of the following reasons: the country studied was out of the Americas Region; the age group studied was not children aged <5 years; and/or the focus of the article was not on factors associated with MOVs or undervaccination.