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Table 1 Representative matrix chart of data synthesis

From: Should community health workers offer support healthcare services to survivors of sexual violence? a systematic review

Theme Kohli, A. et al., 2012. Tanabe, M. et al., 2013. Barron, I. G. & Topping, K. J. 2013. Merkin, L. & Smith, M. J. 1995. Rossman, L. & Dunnuck, C. 1999. Zraly, M., Rubin-Smith, J. & Betancourt, T. 2011. Itzhaky, H. & York, A. S. 2001.
Acceptability of CHW services Patients reported satisfaction with services provided; Few adolescents attended to, interviews with some revealed discomfort being seen in the same clinic with older women as being identified as SV survivor may diminish marriage opportunities Community members reported that CHWs are trusted members of society that survivors can seek care from Survivors reported liking the programme & the programme being understandable Rising invitations to give lectures & workshops to the community Rise in the use of volunteer advocates by 75%; feedback from victims of non-judgemental compassionate support provided Women found the services useful and particularly when hospital services were inadequate for their needs Feeling of trust for community workers developed; Large number of community members becoming involved in the prevention efforts
Feasibility of CHW services Overall, the mobile clinic utilised limited human resources, equipment & medication CHWs demonstrated comfort with the subject of sexual assault and good understanding of medical treatment; CHWs also demonstrated full understanding of confidentiality and data collection; Safety was not an issue of concern to CHWs Cost of delivery was minimal particularly because the facilitators were volunteers. Training & experience contributed to facilitators spending very little time on preparation, one hour No assessment of feasibility documented No assessment of feasibility documented Study identifies the potential opportunity to incorporate the current informal support networks for survivors with the national CHW programme being implemented No assessment of feasibility documented