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Table 4 Association of non-disclosure of FSW status to health care staff with preventive health care, PEP awareness and use after controlling for selected variables. Brazil, 2016

From: Sex work stigma and non-disclosure to health care providers: data from a large RDS study among FSW in Brazil

Outcomes Non-disclosure of FSW status to health care staff
Adjusted ORa 95% CI p-value
Pap smear exam <2y ago 0.82 0.67–0.99 0.040
HIV testing < 1 y ago 0.80 0.67–0.97 0.020
Awareness of PEP 0.72 0.59–0.88 0.001
PEP use among FSW exposed to risk 0.39 0.26–0.60 < 0.001
  1. aAdjusted for age, educational level, belonging to NGO, and regular source of care