Volume 11 Supplement 2

Global health research case studies: lessons from partnerships addressing health inequities


Edited by Zoë Boutilier, Ibrahim Daibes and Erica Di Ruggiero

  1. Research article

    Reducing inequalities in health and access to health care in a rural Indian community: an India-Canada collaborative action research project

    Inadequate public action in vulnerable communities is a major constraint for the health of poor and marginalized groups in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The south Indian state of Kerala, known for r...

    Slim Haddad, Delampady Narayana and KS Mohindra

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S3

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  2. Research article

    Maternal deaths in Pakistan: intersection of gender, caste, and social exclusion

    A key aim of countries with high maternal mortality rates is to increase availability of competent maternal health care during pregnancy and childbirth. Yet, despite significant investment, countries with the ...

    Zubia Mumtaz, Sarah Salway, Laura Shanner, Afshan Bhatti and Lory Laing

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S4

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  3. Research article

    Establishing a community of practice of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and communities to sustainably manage environmental health risks in Ecuador

    The Sustainably Managing Environmental Health Risk in Ecuador project was launched in 2004 as a partnership linking a large Canadian university with leading Cuban and Mexican institutes to strengthen the capaciti...

    Jerry M Spiegel, Jaime Breilh, Efrain Beltran, Jorge Parra, Fernanda Solis, Annalee Yassi, Alejandro Rojas, Elena Orrego, Bonnie Henry, William R Bowie, Laurie Pearce, Juan Gaibor, Patricio Velasquez, Miriam Concepcion and Margot Parkes

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S5

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  4. Research article

    An agriculture and health inter-sectorial research process to reduce hazardous pesticide health impacts among smallholder farmers in the Andes

    The use of highly hazardous pesticides by smallholder farmers constitutes a classic trans-sectoral ‘wicked problem’. We share our program of research in potato and vegetable farming communities in the Andean h...

    Donald C Cole, Fadya Orozco T, Willy Pradel, Jovanny Suquillo, Xavier Mera, Aura Chacon, Gordon Prain, Susitha Wanigaratne and Jessica Leah

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S6

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  5. Research article

    Strengthening integrated research and capacity development within the Caribbean region

    The Caribbean region, like other developing regions of the world, faces significant challenges in conducting research, especially in the context of limited resource capacities and capabilities. Further, due to...

    Martin Forde, Karen Morrison, Eric Dewailly, Neela Badrie and Lyndon Robertson

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S7

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  6. Research article

    Collaboration between infection control and occupational health in three continents: a success story with international impact

    Globalization has been accompanied by the rapid spread of infectious diseases, and further strain on working conditions for health workers globally. Post-SARS, Canadian occupational health and infection contro...

    Annalee Yassi, Elizabeth A Bryce, Jaime Breilh, Marie-Claude Lavoie, Lindiwe Ndelu, Karen Lockhart and Jerry Spiegel

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S8

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  7. Research article

    Challenges of scaling up and of knowledge transfer in an action research project in Burkina Faso to exempt the worst-off from health care user fees

    Systems to exempt the indigent from user fees have been put in place to prevent the worst-off from being excluded from health care services for lack of funds. Yet the implementation of these mechanisms is as r...

    Valéry Ridde, Maurice Yaogo, Yamba Kafando, Kadidiatou Kadio, Moctar Ouedraogo, Marou Sanfo, Norbert Coulibaly, Abel Bicaba and Slim Haddad

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S9

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  8. Research article

    Partnership research on nutrition transition and chronic diseases in West Africa – trends, outcomes and impacts

    Nutrition-related chronic diseases (NRCD) are rising quickly in developing countries, and the nutrition transition is a major contributor. Low-income countries have not been spared. Health issues related to nu...

    Hélène Delisle, Victoire Agueh and Benjamin Fayomi

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S10

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  9. Research article

    Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

    Nearly 3 million people in resource-poor countries receive antiretrovirals for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, yet millions more require treatment. Key barriers to treatment scale up are shortages of trained health...

    Sumeet Sodhi, Hastings Banda, Damson Kathyola, Barry Burciul, Sandy Thompson, Martias Joshua, Eric Bateman, Lara Fairall, Alexandra Martiniuk, Ruth Cornick, Gill Faris, Beverley Draper, Martha Mondiwa, Egnat Katengeza, Lifah Sanudi, Merrick Zwarenstein…

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S11

    Published on: 8 November 2011

  10. Research article

    Comparing antiretroviral treatment outcomes between a prospective community-based and hospital-based cohort of HIV patients in rural Uganda

    Improved availability of antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa is intended to benefit all eligible HIV-infected patients; however in reality antiretroviral services are mainly offered in urban hospitals...

    Walter Kipp, Joseph Konde-Lule, Tom Rubaale, Joa Okech-Ojony, Arif Alibhai and Duncan L Saunders

    BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 2):S12

    Published on: 8 November 2011

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